Van Hire For Moving House

Moving house is exciting but can be quite stressful. Even just packing your stuff ready to be moved can be daunting, and you really realise how much stuff you have. Even if you have a car to help with your house move, a lot of your larger items and furniture simply won’t fit. And for the stuff you can get in your car you will need to do multiple trips back-and-forth. So fuel is another thing to consider when using your car to transport. As well as this, you could be putting your car under stress with a lot of weight that your car wasn’t necessarily designed to carry.

The other option is hiring a removal company, but these can be quite costly as you’d be paying for the labour of people to come assist you and their time for transporting the items.

For many, renting a van would seem the best option. They’re cheaper than a removal company, you have more flexibility and you don’t have to put your trust in others handling your goods with care.

How much does it cost to rent a van?

If you’re in the process of moving house you’re already likely juggling finances and on a restricted budget. This is where renting a van would probably be your best bet and much cheaper than hiring a removals company or a man-with-a-van. It may be a bit more time-consuming than paying for the professional removal teams to do the work, but you’ll definitely save money. And you have more flexibility with your own van rather than having to work around booking times of a removal company. Be sure to check the prices of our vans for personal hire.

Which van are you interested in hiring?